Things to do in the Yarra Valley

Things to do in the Yarra Valley

There is no denying that this region of Victoria is one of our favourites.

Most commonly associated as the wine lover’s playground, it is certainly that and much more.

The Yarra Valley is home to some internationally renowned wineries but our favourites are the smaller, ‘boutiquey’, family run ones. You can’t go past wineries filled with character and soul off the beaten track such as Yering Farm and Kellybrook for some of the best cider going around.

Rochford Wines is famous for being home to A Day on the Green. This is an annual event that brings some of the biggest names in the music industry together. Over the coming year, Roxette and Billy Idol will be gracing the stage. This is a brilliant day out for the whole family. So look it up, pack and picnic rug and food for the day and enjoy the wine, the stunning scenery and the best in the music biz.

If you look beyond the wineries, there are plenty of other things to do in the Yarra Valley. Fancy a bit of chocolate or any creamy, dairy-based bit of goodness? Make your way to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-Creamery and the Yarra Valley Dairy. Factor in a stop at the Dairy for a coffee and a tasting platter of beautiful cheeses and relishes. And if you have a sweet tooth like us then you may also want to explore the range of cakes and slices. Personally, we can’t leave the Dairy without some Jaffa (choc-orange) fudge in hand. Always with good intent of sharing it on return home but it never quite makes the journey! The Yarra Valley really does have great a foodie vibe.

The best thing about this region is that it nestles up to the Dandenong region and there is so much to do here too. So consider this more a ‘things to do in the Yarra Valley and beyond’ blog!

When you think of the Dandenongs you probably think of Puffing Billy. The soulful steam train that takes travellers of all ages on an enchanted journey. Our favourite is to take the journey from Belgrave to Menzies Creek, around 25 minutes, which runs across some wonder old tressle bridges and through some amazing rainforest. This then allows you to go exploring further.

Spend some time picking your own berries and cherries at one of the great fruit farms in this region. When we take tours to this region, a favourite for nearly all of our guests is the berry farming experience. What you pick, you keep. And the fruit is as fresh as it gets so you will not go home disappointed. Our favourite farm is organic, so you can ‘sample’ as you go.

If you want to see Australia’s magnificent flora and fauna while you are in the area, then make a stop at Healesville Sanctuary. You’ll get your fix of wombats, koalas, kangaroos, possums and more at this destination.

If you travel into the Dandenongs you can take in a number of gorgeous and quaint little towns such as Sassafrass. Make sure you’ve got room in your tum for some scones with jam and cream while you are in this area as there are tearooms galore.

If you are travelling to the Yarra Valley region with kids then one place where you can let them stretch their legs and blow off some steam is the Yarra Glen Adventure Playground. So many activities in one area. The kids will love it.

So that is just a taste of things to do in the Yarra Valley and beyond. There is so much in store for you when you plan a day out in this part of the world. We would love to show you around and help you get in further under the skin of this region so contact us now and we can build an itinerary perfect for you. Or check out our suggested itinerary for a wine tour to the Yarra Valley.