The Australian exchange rate

Australian exchange rate

The Australian exchange rate – making travel to Oz even more appealing!

If you’ve been hesitating about taking that vacation to Oz, now is the time to come and here’s why…. The current Australian exchange rate is making Australia even more affordable – especially for those of you venturing from the US of A.

When planning a trip abroad one of the most important things you can do is monitor the fluctuations in the exchange rate between your currency and the currency of your destination. A favourable Australian exchange rate will help your money go further, but an unfavourable one will leave you stretched.

What and how much you will be able to do once you are at your destination is greatly affected by the foreign exchange rate.  For example, if an American had visited Australia four years ago during this season, an exchange rate of US$1 = AU$0.91 would have given him an unpleasant surprise when he arrived and realised how quickly his mighty green backs were disappearing.

Today, however, the Australian exchange rates are nearly the best they’ve been in four years (if you are American, that is). Currently (as at June 2015), US$1 = AU$1.29, which means that every US dollar you have now buys you more in Australia, around one third as much, allowing you to do more of what you came for—more food, more wine and more Australiana! Exchange rates fluctuate, often unpredictably, so don’t postpone your Australian vacation any longer. Now is the time to book that long-awaited trip!

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