Facts about Melbourne

Melbourne skyline

Five fun facts about Melbourne

As you will no doubt be aware, we heart Melbourne! And we are proud to show off our beautiful city and share some of the fun facts about Melbourne. Here’s just five out of what we can assure you is a long list!

  1. Melbourne was almost the first Gotham City. Well sort of! There was some heated debate over whether this great city of ours would be called Melbourne or BATMANIA! The name would have been after John Batman of course, not the caped crusader!
  2. There was a waterfall in the heart of the city. At the site of the Queens Bridge used to lie a waterfall. If we were running tours back then we would have definitely stopped there for photos and perhaps a dip on a hot summer’s day.
  3. Movies were being made in Melbourne before Hollywood. The Story of the Kelly Gang was the first feature film in the world and first shown in the Atheneum Theatre.
  4. A person still on their “P” plates designed the stunning Treasury Building. That’s right, the big gig was given to a 19 year-old Liverpudlian chap named, JJ Clark. Not a bad first addition to his CV! Mine was stocking shelves at Coles!
  5. Melbourne was the nation’s capital. I’m still certain the wrong call was made but we weren’t around at the time to argue when Melbourne lost its title back in 1927. We flew the nation’s capital flag between 1901 – 1927. Those were the good old days.

Got some of your own fun facts about Melbourne to share? We’d love to hear them! Get in contact today.