Embarrassing Road Trip Stories

Mountain Road symbolising a road trip

The freedom of the open road, the wind in your hair, and your music blasting out on the stereo as you sing along with good friends, there is something magical about taking a road trip, especially in a country like Australia with its vast open spaces and natural beauty. However sometimes, regardless of how much careful planning and preparation you put into organising your trip, things can go terribly awry. If it’s any consolation, things that seem awful at the time are often funny when we look back at them later. Here, we asked Travel Writers and Bloggers about their most embarrassing road trip stories.

Cooling Down in Israel

On a road trip tour of Israel with perfect strangers, Ben and his travel buddies stopped by the beach one day for a short break from driving. Plunging into the turquoise waters, they enjoyed swimming and relaxing as the waves crashed upon them. However, it was all very short lived. The waves brought dozens of jellyfish with them and almost everyone in the party got stung. Though thankfully the jellyfish were not poisonous, the stings burnt and felt incredibly itchy and uncomfortable. To cope, members of the group had to pee on each other to soothe the discomfort. (Talk about a bonding experience eh?)

Jellyfish in Israel is the travel story from Ben

Ben of Smart Destinations

Blue Mountain Lemons

We had met a few weeks previously during a camping trip to the Blue Mountains – a group of international travellers from various points around the globe all in Australia for a year to work and travel our way around the country. One member of our party, Marcus, had left Sydney for Melbourne and had decided to buy a car and drive from Melbourne to Adelaide via The Great Ocean Road. Excited for this adventure with new friends, myself and my friend Marita flew from Sydney to Melbourne to meet up with Marcus and our friend Tom flew down from Perth, especially for the trip. Pumped, excited, and stocked up on supplies, we piled into the car…. Only to find that it wouldn’t even start. It transpired that Marcus had gotten the car at a cheap price from another traveller who had since left the country, and he hadn’t even thought to give it a test drive before long road trip! After two weeks, a lot of repairs, and far too much money for an old mess of a car, it was finally ready to take us!

A car that doesn't work for Melissa

Melissa of High Heels & a Backpack

Ur-ine Trouble!

Felicity was travelling through Argentina by tour bus when nature called and she urgently needed the bathroom. She promptly got up and dashed to the bathroom, only to find a note on the door that said: “urine only”. The situation was urgent…. This number 2 wasn’t waiting for anybody! Felicity had to go ahead and use the bus bathroom anyway, much to the annoyance of the driver who stopped the bus, walked to the bathroom and banged on the door, yelling to her that the bathroom was only for urine, much to the amusement of the rest of the passengers onboard.

Toilet travel stories

Felicity of Thinking Nomads

If there is anything to be learned from these experiences, it’s to check that your car works before planning a trip, avoid jellyfish and accept that when you gotta go, you gotta go. Embarrassing road trip stories are cringeworthy at the time, but will ultimately become a memorable part of your travel experience. Have you any embarrassing tales to share? Share them on our Facebook page.