Best golf course in Melbourne

Best golf course in Melbourne

Best golf course in Melbourne

A lover of golf? Oh yes I am. I’ve been a participant of this fine sport for longer than I care to tell.

I was living in Cheshire in the UK when I first discovered my love of this sport. Growing up, I would happily play in wind, rain and snow (yes, snow!) However, as I got older I’d only duck off to my club on the rare occasion that the sun was shining and the conditions were favourable.

My real inner golfer never really got to give the game a good run for its money, that is, until I moved to Melbourne. Being able to play year round in Melbourne has ironically made me more selective when I play.

On arrival, I spent the best part of a few months investigating the best golf course in Melbourne (for my purposes). No golfing stone was left unturned as I found looking at pictures of lush fairways and beautiful blue skies therapeutic. I honed in on Heidelberg Golf Course and decided to join. I enjoyed 18 months there and it was ideal for my purposes, though ever so unforgiving on a hot summer’s day (i.e. bloody hilly!).

We moved to the Inner West in late 2011 and it was time to look for a more convenient course. It was Sanctuary Lakes that caught my interest. After some wheeling and dealing I hooked myself up with a membership and nearly every Sunday you can find me in a competition at my home course. It’s a great course and a great club.

So through my own investigations and memberships at numerous golf clubs, I have developed a good idea of what makes a great club to play your golf and to join. Of course everybody is different but here are my criteria on what might constitute the best golf course in Melbourne for your playing needs. In no particular order:

  1. The course itself. You have to enjoy playing it. If it’s too hard or too easy then enjoyment factor will be reduced. Be honest with yourself here. There are plenty of courses which are too hard for plenty of golfers.
  2. Good value for money. It’s not a cheap sport, golf. How often will you get to play? Are there flexible memberships which suit your frequency of play and lifestyle? More and more clubs are recognising this and bringing in different membership categories.
  3. Distance of travel. Zipping down to the club early on a Sunday or Saturday morning is great. Battling back in lunchtime weekend traffic is not so great and can take the edge off an otherwise very enjoyable round. Similarly, if you fancy a quick 9 after work then proximity is key.
  4. Practice facilities. If I have the opportunity, I love to spend a few hours, iPod in, practicing and then going for a refreshing drink afterwards.
  5. The staff and members. It makes golf so much more enjoyable if you’re met with friendly smiling faces, a good pro, like minded playing partners, and a nice 19th hole.
  6. On-line booking system. Great invention for new members. See the time slots, see who you’ll be playing with and off you go.
  7. Time for an average round. Three hours for 9 holes is to be avoided at all costs.

So these are my tips on choosing the best golf course in Melbourne. I hope they help!

If you are keen on getting the boys together for a round at one of the many fine courses around Melbourne then get in contact and we can put together a golfer’s day out package for your group. That means you can leave the car behind and spend more time at the 19th hole reflecting on your game with your mates. Get in contact today.

  • James, Owner, Guide and Golfer